Metabolic Health and immunity the focus in Covid-era Conference

Dr Aseem Malhotra speaks with Denise McNamara, The Connacht Tribune.

This year’s fifth annual Functional Medicine Conference organised by nutritionist Maev Creaven has not escaped the wrath of Covid. As well as being forced to go online, the 2020 theme is no doubt influenced by the global pandemic – ‘Immune and Metabolic Health: The Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Approach’. More people than ever before are struggling with a form of metabolic health concern, remarks Maev. “In fact, the prevalence of good metabolic health is alarmingly low, even among people who are normal weight. “The primary drivers of poor metabolic health are the daily interactions among an individual’s genetics, environment, nutrition and lifestyle choices.”

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Dr Aseem Malhotra joins Frank Sullivan, Dr Wafaa Abdel-Hadi, Dr Bob Rountree, Dr Liz Lipski, Dr Anthony Sharkey, Rob Verkerk. 

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